Scholastic is committed to developing innovative educational programs that are grounded in research and proven to work.

We collaborate with school districts and third-party research organizations to conduct evaluations that provide useful information to help school leaders advance school change and improvement. Scholastic believes strongly in a mixed methods approach to our research, an approach that provides meaningful and contextualized information and results.



      In school districts across the nation, diverse student groups experience significant gains in reading performance after using READ 180. With 40 studies conducted over 15 years in a variety of settings in school districts across the country, the new Compendium of READ 180 Research demonstrates that READ 180 meets the literacy needs of even the most challenged students. Districts of all sizes have experienced gains so large that they have been the subject of hundreds of national and local news stories. In this compendium, be sure to look for the gold standard Striving Readers studies funded by the U.S. Department of Education that demonstrate READ 180’s effectiveness with struggling readers, including incarcerated students. Also, don’t miss the ROI study in Napa which demonstrates that READ 180 provides a solid return on investment in education spending, as well as the quasi-experimental study showing student success in several KIPP NYC charter schools.



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